Dental Scholarship Program


For students that are looking for additional funding to help pay for the Dental Assistant Program, EDS (Emergency Dental Service) is offering a $1,000 scholarship for the upcoming school session.

The EDS-Dental School Scholarship is currently offered to enrolled and potential new students in the Dental Assistant program at UMBI. Based on academic merit & community service, the program requires that students meet all qualifications and submit a research essay, that will later be published on both the EDS and UMBI school websites.

To apply, write a research essay that includes data on dental care availability in the US and the shortage of affordable dental care as it pertains to insurance coverage and the actual cost of dental services. The essay should be at least 5 pages long and can also include alternative ways for uninsured patients to pay for dental care.

Use the form below to apply today. A representative from UMBI will follow up with additional details about the dental scholarship application process and when it will be awarded.

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