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How Fit is Healthcare Hiring?

(By Abby Lombardi on April 30, 2013 in Health Care.)


In the latest BLS report, the healthcare industry added 23,000 jobs, close to the 12-month average. Although we recently looked at hiring for Physical Therapists (the most commonly advertised job title in the US,) we haven’t reviewed overall healthcare hiring in a while. Today, we looked at hiring demand for healthcare practitioners and healthcare support occupations. In March, there were just over 1 million jobs for healthcare related occupations, representing a 3% year-over-year increase in hiring. 75% over the jobs (approximately 754,000) were posted directly by employers, whereas staffing firms accounted for 25% of available healthcare job during March.

Hiring Demand for Healthcare Occupations: 4-Year Hiring Trend

Source: WANTED Analytics

Below are the 10 healthcare occupations with the most available job ads during March. Registered Nurses historically leads the US, and continues to do so. Not only did RN’s have the most available job ads, but demand is also up about 13% when compared to march of 2012. However, Critical Care Nurses had the highest year-over-year growth with 34% more jobs posted online this year than during last March. 3 of the below 10 experienced year-over-year declines: Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech-Language Pathologists.

10 Healthcare Occupations with Most Available Jobs: March 2013 vs. March 2012

Source: WANTED Analytics

The metro areas with the most healthcare jobs are New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Hiring in New York was up about 4% in March compared to last year. The number of jobs in Dallas grew the most in March, though, up an incredible 32% compared to last year. With the increased competition among employers to attract healthcare talent in Dallas, the time-to-fill and difficulty-to-hire is likely to be higher than the US average. In fact, jobs for healthcare professionals remain online for about 53 days in Dallas – or 7.5 weeks.

Map of Hiring Demand for Healthcare Occupations in the US

Source: WANTED Analytics

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Hiring Demand for General Medical and Surgical Hospitals – 4 Year Hiring Trends

Most Commonly Advertised General Medical and Surgical Hospitals Job Titles

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Physical Therapist
  3. Occupational Therapist
  4. Medical Assistant
  5. Pharmacy Technician
  6. Phlebotomist
  7. Medical Technologist
  8. Nurse
  9. Security Officer
  10. Registered Nurse Medical Surg

With the general medical and surgical hospital industry leading hiring demand, it can be expected that the top 3 job titles on this list are the same top 3 we see across the nation. The only difference is that they appear in a different order. Physical Therapist is the most advertised job title nationwide, while Registered Nurse is the most in-demand title for this specific industry. Of these job titles, Security Officer is the only other job that also appears among the most commonly advertised titles.

Are recruiting conditions more difficult for the industry that continues to lead job demand? In the broader sense, recruiting for general medical and surgical hospital jobs is likely to be only moderately difficult, scoring a 43 on our Hiring Scale, out of a possible 99, where 99 indicates hard-to-fill. However, when recruiting for a more in-demand position, such as Physical Therapists, the difficulty-to-fill increases. The average Hiring Scale score for Physical Therapists is 76. The best location to recruit this talent is Albany-Schenectady-Troy (NY), while the most difficult metro area is likely to be Pittsfield (MA), which scores a 95. Albany has a larger talent pool in relation to the current demand, whereas Recruiters in Pittsfield are experiencing the opposite scenario. Oddly enough, Albany (highlighted below in green) happens to be located next to Pittsfield (highlighted below in brown). Recruiters in Pittsfield can reduce hiring difficulty by advertising for talent in Albany. However, Recruiters would need to ensure that their Physical Therapist candidates are licensed to work in either state, New York or Massachusetts.

Hiring Scale Heat Map Snapshot for Physical Therapists


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