UMBI Shines At Local Medical Conference

It is always a great feeling to be a part of a groundbreaking medical conference! In July we participated in the AACC 2015 Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo. The role of laboratorians, along with the increasing complexity of lab tests was a hot topic of discussion.

The Laboratory Director Boot Camp focused on calibration verification and how linearity of an assay is the key to reporting precise lab results. Examples of the molecular and coagulation sections of a lab were also discussed.

“The Clinical Chemist as a Clinical Consultant” symposium was also a great part of the conference. The practical applications of validating Food & Drug Administration tests were discussed by Keri Donaldson, MD and Wieslaw Furmaga, MD.  

We learned a lot, and networked with quite a few professionals in the medical field. It was an honor to take part in this informative conference. 


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