Entering the Medical Assistant Field: What You Need to Know

“Medical assistant” is a fairly general term that defines the range of possible careers available in the medical field. The fully-trained medical assistant has an enormous variety of doors open to him or her, including: EKG specialist, phlebotomy specialist, office manager, claims processor, and more.

The school you select needs to prepare you for a variety of options; you never know which aspect of the medical field might grab you. Your options are limited by your education, so it is crucial to enroll in the correct program.

How to Select a Top Medical Assistant School

There are several important factors you must review before picking a medical school:

  • Class times. Are the classes convenient for your current work schedule? The medical field is evolving as quickly as technology, and forward-thinking programs know their students need special accommodation.
  • Accreditation. To get certified, you must enroll in a program accredited by either the CAAHEP or ABHES. Without the accreditation, you are not qualified to take the CMA exam.
  • Career placement rates. You can research a school’s placement rates, though any good school will freely offer these numbers.
  • Program variety. Does the program offer what you want? The scope of some programs are less inclusive than others. You want a strong certification that will open as many doors as possible.

The Medical Assistant Career Path

  1. Nursing. Medical assistants typically handle nursing classes and clinicals more easily than most due to their previous medical experience. Supervisors are typically more understanding than your average boss, making scheduling easier.

  1. Medical coding. Clerks and administrative assistants spend time working with in-house software and light IT duties. MAs sometimes get their CPC certification, which allows them transfer into coding.

  1. Administration. Many MAs find themselves as supervisors. Multiple hospitals will pay partial or all of a new degree, and it is becoming more common for MAs to pursue a college education in healthcare administration, business, or accounting.

The UMBI Medical Assistant Program is the top certification in Atlanta for those seeking a career in medical business administration. We offer a complete range of courses at flexible times, preparing you for a variety of possible careers. For more information, visit our medical assistant certification page.


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